Fierdsvain Berserker (profile)

Fierdsvain Berserker (v3.7)

These men must either be the bravest, or craziest men in the Fierdsvain Kingdom. Donning nothing more than a light tunic or sometimes nothing at all, these men have given up the use of shields and only wield the heavier and powerful 2-handed axes and swords. Each swing of their weapons are swift and powerful, shattering shields as they go. Fearsome as they are, they drop like flies against a hail of missiles. They can usually charge much faster than any other infantry as they are not wearing any heavy armor. This is extremely dangerous if they are facing powerful archers or crossbowmen, but a great asset if they are chasing down routing enemies. Get them too close to the enemies and they will not be able to wield their weapons to full effectiveness. These men show their prowess in a siege. Get these men up the enemy walls and you have nothing to worry about. Failing to do so will result in a slaughter of all your berserkers. As always, back up these killing machines with powerful shield units and use your berserkers to flank the enemy instead.

Deadly against stuck horseman and infantry, but weak against archers.

This troop is upgraded from Fierdsvain Heavy Axeman for 200d and upgrades no more.