Fierdsvain Armored Axeman (profile)

Fierdsvain Armored Axeman (v3.7)

Fierce and powerful soldiers, Fierdsvain Armoured Axemen are a deadly force that can match up to any infantry. Well-armed with a variety of one and two-handed axes, they can deal out high damage due to their above average strength. Their armour consists of heraldic mail and the Coat of Plates which provide them with excellent protection whilst those wielding one-handed axes also pack a heavy round shield, further adding to their defence. The remaining troops that wield two-handed weapons become vulnerable due to their lack of a shield but make up for it with greater assault prowess. These troops should be used offensively, advance them towards the enemy force with support from archers. Once in range, they will cut through foot and cavalry units whilst the archers provide ranged fire. They last well in both open field battles and in sieges.

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