Fierdsvain Archer (profile)

Fierdsvain Archer (v3.7)

The third stage of the Fierdsvain archer line, these archers are still lacking skill with the use of their bow and do not match up to the other factions mid-tiered archers. Their Short bows are quite ineffective lacking range and power. The only aspect worth noting about these archers is that their melee skill is above average than most mid-tier archers. Their melee weapons consist of the Fierdsvain Leaf Sword and the Fierdsvain War Axe. They don western scale and dark fir leather as armour and always carry a shield into battle. </span>

They can be obtained by upgrading Fierdsvain Bowmen or through your prisoner train or npc prisoner stacks.

They upgrade into their heavily armored cousin, the Fierdsvain Heavy Archers.

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