Fallen Warrior

An undead troop, found in Eyegrim the Devourer's army. A trait shared among all undead and other special troops such as the Demonic Magnus, it is impossible to knock these troops unconscious. It has decent skills but the power of the undead lies in their sheer resilience. Possessing high amounts of strength means they take time to kill and are able to hit hard. They are most likely the slowest fighters in all of Pendor, due to their abysmal agility.

Their gear is very varied, using medium-tier equipment from every kingdom. Some of them will not bring helmets to the battlefield, making them very weak to head shots. They will always carry Thrown weapons, these being either Javelins, Jarids or Throwing Axes. As for melee, they will always bring a shield (Eyegrim Heater Shield), combined with a wide range of medium to good weapons belonging to all five kingdoms, so it's either a Thunder Double Axe, a Scimitar, a Steel Voulge, a Great Long Bardiche, a One Handed Veteran Axe, a Fierdsvain War Axe, a Fierdsvain Leaf Sword, a Zweihander, a Northern Battle Axe, a Raider Axe or a Heavy D'Shar Sabre. This does imply that their source is not from a single area but are risen throughout all of Pendor.