Fallen Warrior in 3.8.4

Undead troop, found on the Eyegrim the Devourer's army. As every undead troop, this troop cant be knocked unconcious, this avoids the chance of them being captured as prisoners. Dealing the fatal blow will always result on a kill, even if it was done by blunt damage. This troop is considered a weak unit, both in level and statwise, but as all the undead, they have huge strength stats which builds them up a huge hp.

Their equipment is very varied, using equipment of medium-tier troops of every kingdom. This occurs are these undead warriors were resurrected into fallen from all Pendor.


Lvl: 20. Str : 57. Int : 6. Agi: 3. Cha: 3. HP: 106

1H : 220

2H : 220

Pole : 220

Archery : 220

Crossbows: 220

Throwing : 220


Ironflesh : 7

Power strike : 6

Power throw : 6

Power draw : 6

Shield : 5

Athletics : 6

Riding : 5

Horse Archery : 7

Tactics : 6

Stats in italics are not used nor affect the hero.

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