Fallen Revenant

Second only to Eyegrim the Devourer himself, they act as his bodyguards and secondary commanders to his army of demons. Just seeing one of these fearsome demons wield their morningstars or their fearsome Dire Axes dripping with the blood of previous soldiers foolish enough to stand in their way makes even veteran soldiers tremble.

Riding on Netherworld Chargers, even the pikes wielded by those brave enough to stand up against them are easily crushed by his Netherworld Charger. Reports of infantry being cleaved into two by the axes wielded by these demons are common among the very occasional survivors who were lucky enough to escape. Both the riders and their steeds are to be feared.

Fallen Revenant2

With high personal endurance, coupled by the Demonplate these beings don, they can take a tremendous beating. Armed with throwing axes, they can deal a fair bit of damage from a short range too. Although these beings are powerful, they are not extremely agile. A lightning fast infantry like a Ravenstern Highlander can easily combat a dismounted Fallen Revenant in single combat with successive strikes. However, should the demon get one hit of their weapon on their enemies which is pretty often, their foes will always be crushed.

20-60 can found in Eyegrim the Devourer army, and 2-5 are also found leading patrols called Eyegrim's Demon Vanguard.

When defeated, the player may loot from them Various Loot and Heretic Writings.

They belong to the Undead Troops, meaning that they can't be knocked unconscious, thus can't be captured neither.