"The army of Eyegrim the Devourer eats the corpses of their slain foes. Eyegrim is said to pull the hearts from still-living captives because he prefers his meat fresh." – Troubador

Eyegrim updated-0

As demon summoning goes, his was rather routine. As demon summoning also goes, failure is fatal. This demon was different though. He wanted something more permanent, and Pendor was something suiting his craving. After slaying the head priest, he turned on the heretics who had participated in the summoning. He whispered into their minds, granted them dark wishes and satisfied their evil lust for both power and pain if they would but follow him and do as he wished.

As if locked in a trance, the heretic coven dropped to their knees and hailed and brought forth their obeisance as one. The demon smiled a cold and evil smirk as his mind closed to the mortal world and he participated in a dark congress with his brethren still waiting to cross over into the realm of Pendor.

Eyegrim Picture

Calling himself Eyegrim the Devourer, the new demonic warlord fashioned himself an army from those renegade and lawless knights, bandits, heretic covens and other misanthropic bands that wallowed in the darker recesses of humanity and unified them under his banner.

Eyegrim’s motives are only known to himself and his closest advisers, demonic soldiers who have risen to his banner from places better not known. Most have come to realize that to oppose him is death and the lords of Pendor turn to their knights and heroes in hopes of finding one able to remove this new blight from their lands.

That means you.

He and the rest of his troops (except for Fallen and Fallen Footmen) will have their unique shield, the Eyegrim shield, a full black shield with a white skull in the middle. Ridding a fearsome Demon Charger, he will use his Ruby Rune Axe to 1 hit kill most of the foes that stand against him. His huge health and hyper resistant armor set will make him be one of the last to fall even though he will be the first to spawn and charge in.

If the player can make him charge, the fight against him will be easier, as except for Eyegrim and the Revenants, the rest of the army is on foot, meaning that the stronger troops will charge in faster, making it ideal for the player to focus them down. Once the rest of the army reaches combat, the combat should be way easier. They are hard to kill, but lack decent damage due their overall mediocre weapons. Beware however their Throwing Axes/Jarids/Javelins, that do hit hard.

Eyegrim Pict

Ingame picture representing Eyegrim, the undead demon, riding his demon charger

Eyegrim the Devourer is a regular unit and cannot be knocked unconscious (he is killed regardless of the final weapon's blow), same happens to his undead army. His army ranges between 400-1000 undead warriors, is incredibly difficult to defeat, and consists of the following:

Periodically, small patrols will

spawn by Eyegrim near him, these consisting of:

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