Overview Edit

The Empire has a similar troop tree to The Fierdsvain in the way that they don't have a single cavalry troop in the commoners troop tree, its all located in the nobles one. Forming solid formations and every unit complementing the rest very effectively, the Empire is the one that performs the best out of the 5 kingdoms in battles with troop diversity.

Their appearance looks very alike to Ancient Greek & Romans, alike it happens with Mettenheim, as both come from the same kingdom. Alike the latter, the former does prefer to use crossbows than bows, as their more advanced technology does allow them to create strong crossbows with deadly precision.

Knighthood orders Edit

The empire has the most Knighthood Orders spawning for sure in their kingdoms, being 4 a certainty and a fifth one a probability. They are all attached to the Empire, either from the New Empire (Order of the Radiant Cross and Empire Immortals), the Ashenborn (Order of the Shadow Wolves and Order of the Phoenix) or the Old Empire (Order of the Shadow Legion).

The Immortals were the ones chosen to be their Factional Order.

Reinforcements Edit

These are the recruiting patrons all lords and walled fiefs attached to the Empire culture will follow (ordered by tier):

Commoners Edit

Nobles Edit

The actual number is based on player's level, being the first one (lowest) when the player is level 0 (starts level 1) and will increase until reaching the last one (highest) that is when player reaches level 22. The level check-in occurs every 3 days.

Troop trees Edit

Tier Name
1st Empire Citizen
2nd Empire Levy Recruit
3rd Empire Levy Militia Empire Levy Hunter
4th Empire Light Infantry Empire Levy Skirmisher
5th Empire Heavy Infantry Empire Pikeman Empire Crossbowman
6th Empire Legionnaire Empire Gladiator Empire Armored Pikeman Empire Armored Crossbowman

Empire Citizens were possibly intended as the Empire village recruits. They are still in the game, but occur rarely. Recruiting volunteers from Empire villages yields Empire Levy Recruits.
You may also see Guardian Empire Knights and Iron Circle Centurions, who appear only in some Empire armies. They are Empire's special troops.
Empire Heavy Infantry may as well be upgraded to Empire Mortals if you meet the special requirements.
Empire Armored Pikeman may be upgraded further to Shadow Legion Marinus if you meet the special requirements.
Empire Pikeman may as well be upgraded to Shadow Hunter if you meet the special requirements.
Empire Legionnaire may be upgraded further to Shadow Wolf if you meet the special requirements.


Tier Name
1st Empire Nobleman
2nd Empire Noble Legionnaire Recruit Empire Light Cavalry
3rd Empire Knight Empire Horseman

Empire Knights may be upgraded further to Empire Immortals, Phoenix Knights or Shadow Legion Centurions if you meet the special requirements.
Empire Light Cavalry may as well be upgraded to Phoenix Risen, if you meet the special requirements.

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