Empire Noble Legionnaire Recruit (profile)

Empire Noble Legionnaire Recruit (v3.7)

Choosing the path of becoming a prestigious knight, noble legionnaire recruits are at the final stage before being able to become full-fledged Empire Knights.

In combat they lack the skills in close combat fighting but they use the signature Empire Broadsword and broadhead spears. Donning Legionnaire armor and immortal helms, their level of protection far exceeds most mid-tier foes, thus providing them with a significant advantage over foes of their level. This, however, does not stop top-tier troops from decimating them with ease. Keep these troops well supported with heavy infantry to ensure their survival in battle.


  • Armor: Yes
  • Horse: No
  • Helmet: Maybe
  • Shield: Yes
  • Gloves: Yes
  • Boots: Yes
  • Ranged: Maybe