Empire Light Infantry (profile)

Empire Light Infantry (v3.7)

The basic Empire soldiers developed from Empire Levy Militia, Empire Light Infantry are not able to hold their ground against most foes their level and are usually at the front line of the Empire army. With shield and spear they use the reach to their advantage but once they engage in close combat they are easily decimated as they have no access weapons to use in melee combat. This causes them to stand there and glance off of their enemies with their spear over and over, not accomplishing anything. They may also spawn with broadhead spears although they do not particularly shine with their throwing skills. However, if they do get a kill it is most likely due to their throwing spears, since their spear does such low damage even if they manage to stab an enemy with it. Their armor consists of leather and they all pack a plain board shield that slightly increases their defense. To maximize their effectiveness and use in battle, these troops need to be further upgraded to Empire Heavy Infantry or Empire Pikeman.


  • Armor: Yes
  • Horse: No
  • Helmet: No
  • Shield: No
  • Gloves: No
  • Boots: Yes
  • Ranged: Maybe