Empire Light Cavalry (profile)

Empire Light Cavalry (v3.7)

Rather than following the path of becoming a prestigious Knight, these men have chosen to become a mounted ranged unit. Riding on fast Empire hunters these skirmishers use light crossbows to harass and distract enemy forces whilst the rest of the army engages them. They use Cross Hilt Noble Swords and Black Iron Spears for melee combat whilst also packing Heater Shields. Their armor consists of the Empire Breastplate, Mail shirts and Empire Lorica Segmentata. As a mounted ranged unit they do not particularly shine out, their skills are still lacking and they only provide minimal distraction whilst the rest of your troops move in to engage. Their unarmoured steeds are easy to take down and so are these troops when fighting on foot. They upgrade into Empire Horsemen and upgrade from Empire Noblemen.


  • Armor: Yes
  • Horse: Yes
  • Helmet: Yes
  • Shield: Yes
  • Gloves: Maybe
  • Boots: Yes
  • Ranged: Yes

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