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The Empire Immortals are some of the finest foot soldiers in Pendor, being more heavily armored and well-trained Legionnaires; some of their training, notably with two-handed weapons, bears similarity to Gladiators as well. If a formation of Immortals can reach the enemy, nothing will withstand them.

Marius Imperator was responsible for the creation of the Immortal legions. As such, they are on good terms with the Order of the Radiant Cross, but not as much with the Order of the Shadow Legion.

Without a doubt, they are one of the most powerful infantry soldiers one can encounter in Pendor, they are masters in the use of swords and throwing spears. Their offensive weapons include the Empire Broadsword and Zweihander. Some may also carry the powerful Empire Immortal Shield. While not all of them pack the signature Empire Broadhead spears, those who do often dehorse incoming cavalry with ease. Donning the Empire Immortal Armor for maximum protection, they are swift and deadly, their speed comparable to the D'Shar infantry, and with enough upgrades, may even attack faster than the D'Shar Ghazi Dervishes. A rank of Empire Immortals will often decimate anything that stands in their way. As their name Immortal suggests, they are extremely difficult to take down.

The empire mortals are a similar version of the Immortal, but weaker, with the main difference that they have a guaranteed shield as they'll never have the Zweihander, the Immortals two-handed sword.

Game infoEdit

Empire Immortal 3.9
Empire Mortal 3.9

Joining the Empire Immortals requires 10 honor and 500 renown. A chapter already exists in Janos, and there's a 10% chance another may exist in Ethos.

They are Empire's Factional Order, meaning to create a chapter of the Immortals, the player needs to belong to the Empire culture or create the chapter in Janos, as well as 20,000 denars.

Empire Immortals are trained from Empire Knights and Empire Mortals are trained from Empire Heavy Infantry.

They start being neutral to the player (0 relation).

They are allies of Order of the Radiant Cross, Order of the Phoenix, Order of the Shadow Wolves and of The Empire, whilst they're in odds with the other 4 Factional Orders, the Order of the Griffon, the Order of the Shadow Legion and Order of the Scorpion Assassins, as well as the Hateful factions.

Trivia Edit

  • Empire Mortals are usually the sons of an existing Immortal, and the strongest of all will take his father's place in the Immortals' legion should his father ever fall in battle or retire; the rest will remain as Mortals.
  • Radiant Cross Knights are proud of their foundation by Marius Imperator, as they're strong allies.
  • They are Empire's factional order, meaning any vassal recruiting Empire troops will recruit a few of these later on.
  • Justus Dux has Empire Mortals as his Household troop.

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