Empire Horseman (profile)

Empire Horseman (v3.7)

Only noble sons get to join the ranks of the Empire Horsemen. Armed with a light crossbow, they circle around hostile cavalry and infantry, loosing a volley of bolts at their foes, fulfilling the same roles as a Ravenstern Mounted Ranger. Unlike their Ravenstern counterparts, they have a slower rate of fire, meaning that the horsemen are vulnerable while reloading their crossbows. Their steeds are relatively good, granting both maneuverability and speed while sacrificing armor, meaning that their horses are susceptible to stray missiles or heavy weapons. However, even when dehorsed, the horsemen are still able to wield their broadsword to great effect.


  • Armor: Yes
  • Horse: Yes
  • Helmet: Yes
  • Shield: Yes
  • Gloves: Yes
  • Boots: Yes
  • Ranged: Yes

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