Empire Heavy Infantry (profile)

Empire Heavy Infantry (v3.7)

Experienced Light Infantry units are promoted to the Empire Heavy Infantry rank. Now equipped with the signature Empire Broadsword and packing broadhead spears plus packing a shield, they can match any other mid-tier infantry. They don the Empire Segmentata armor and Legion Helm which provide them with very adequate protection. In battle to maximize their effectiveness, mix them in with heavy infantry and ranged support, they also require anti cavalry units as they lack polearms to counter cavalry. Against top-tier infantry they do not do too well either and get killed rather easily. Overall they are decent mid-tiered infantry that can upgrade into the powerful Empire Legionnaire or mighty Empire Gladiator. Or, if you have access to the Empire Immortals they can be upgraded into Empire Mortals. Fun fact is that they look more like real legionnaire than Empire Legionnaire who has more of a Greek/Early Roman feel than post-Marius Rome.


  • Armor: Yes
  • Horse: No
  • Helmet: Yes
  • Shield: Yes
  • Gloves: Yes
  • Boots: Yes
  • Ranged: Maybe