Elacrai City

Elacrai seen from within

Elacrai is the only Noldor fief left in Pendor.

Location Edit

It is located on the eastern border of the map, in the deepest part of the forest, just north of the lake and against the mountains.

Unlocking Edit

It's hidden by magic and will be invisible until the player completes the quest Befriending the Noldor.

The castle will disappear if the player launches a surprise attack or ever gets to negative relations with the Noldor and the player must restore the relationship to 30 before it reappears.


Elacrai Picture

There is a default garrison of 1000 Noldor. Their garrison consists of:


There are four NPCs inside of the castle:

Sadren Edit

To ask questions about the Noldor, and allows the player to join their monthly tournament. He also offers an option to lower the reputation with the Noldor by 1 (Ask about Noldor reclusiveness->Maybe its the pointy ears that pull people off). But beware, if repeated and the relation with Noldor drops below 30, after quitting Elacrai you won't be able to see it again until you raise your relations to at least 30.

Note: Since 3.9.0, there will be another option to reduce faster the relations with them (by 10 instead of 1)

Calanon Edit

Owns a shop where the player can buy Noldor equipment, this stock will be refreshed over time, showing different items and of other qualities. When reaching 70 relation with the Noldor, you can talk to Calanon about learning the secrets of creating Noldor equipment for your custom knighthood order. He will share his knowledge with you for free, and this equipment is:

Vendethiel Edit

The player can talk to her to be trained in whichever weapon proficiency the player chooses by defeating Noldor opponents. This can increase the trained proficiency by several points at once, especially at lower levels. The proficiencies gained in these duels are 5 times bigger than in a normal battle against them.


Arandur offering a choice after giving him a Qualis Gem

Arandur Edit

Allows the player to recruit Noldor mercenaries for a Qualis Gem. Once you hand him the gem, he offers you a choice from two to five different Noldor troops.

TIP: If he doesn't offer the Noldor troops you're searching for, simply click on Arandur's portrait, and then go back, and the choices are randomized again. Repeat as necessary. These are choices he can offer:

Note: Since 3.9.0, Noldor Trade Goods can be given with the Qualis Gem to increase the numbers of troops obtained by both Quigfen and Arandur by ~25%. This can only be done once per Qualis. To check real numbers, go to Noldor Trade Goods page.


The Noldor hold monthly tournaments the first four days of every month (only one tournament a month). The tournaments can be accessed by speaking to Sadren and asking him about the tournaments. These tournaments are very difficult as every participant will either be a companion or a Noldor. At the end of the tournament the player can win a Noldor item of varying type and quality. The player also has a slim chance of winning a Qualis Gem. In addition, the player can place bets on him/herself every round like a normal tournament.

The arena in Elacrai is similar to the arena in Laria. The tournaments involve mixed fighting with classical Noldor types of weapons: the participants receive Practice Bows and Clubs, Practice Swords and Shields or Heavy Practice Swords. Some fighters also receive Practice Horses. Generally, tournaments tend to be ranged-focused.

Tournament StrategiesEdit

  • For general strategies, normal tournament strategies still apply. Just expect tougher enemies (and allies).
  • Because the tournament can give some high-quality rewards including but not limited to Qualis Gems, the player may want to save before participating in the tournament. The player can then quit without saving after the tournament and reload their save if they do not like the reward at the end.
  • It's also recommended to save before participating because it's easy to be eliminated and because if the player doesn't get the reward they want or gets eliminated, they will have to wait a month before trying again.

Tournament Prizes Edit

The tournament offers a wide range of items, and with a big chance of it having a modifier, the chances are as follow:

Note: For 3.9.0, one of the many stuff that were discussed and almost made it out was a currency system for Elacrai's tournaments in order to avoid save scumming, so that the player could select the items. Another suggestion to avoid save scum flourished so the trophy system was discarded.

Since 3.9: Chances for items were changed as well:

Noldor Sword + Noldor Shield or Noldor Bow + Noldor Arrows (20%)
Noldor Helm + Noldor Boots + Noldor Gloves (15%)

Surprise Attack Edit

Initially included by the developers as a joke, launching a surprise attack on Elacrai is considered one of the hardest challenges of Prophesy of Pendor. The castle sits atop a high hill in its battle scene, giving the Noldor defenders a huge advantage over your troops, especially if they attempt to walk into the castle where they will be met with the arrows of all defenders in the castle.

If you lose or retreat the battle, your party is disbanded and you lose items. If you win, you get the normal Noldor spoils, Noldor prisoners you may have gotten, and can recruit the Jatu Lancer prisoners to your party.

In either case, the castle will disappear in the aftermath. You lose 20 Honor and your Noldor relations will immediately drop to -50.