"Amongst the Singalians we have no lords. We killed the last one over a hundred years ago."

-Ediz on lords with whom you have bad relations.

Ediz is a Singalian. who deserted his former master after he deemed their cause dishonorable and not worth dying for.


It is because of this that he is seeking a worthy mercenary captain to bring honor back to his name before he can return to his fellow Singalians

He costs 3000 Denars to hire and is best used as a skirmisher with his skills as a horse archer and can be very effective early on in your conquest of Pendor.

He dislikes Lethaldiran because of how he considers his tactics to be cowardly and will attempt to engage Lethaldiran in a fight. He also dislikes Kaverra because in Singalian culture women are assigned a role in life at birth and are expected to live with it until they die. Kaverra started as a merchant's aide, delivering supplies and produce to the market until she was taken by bandits and then fought her way out and decided to become a warrior. Ediz does however like Sir Rayne who he considers a honorable friend and even a potential brother-in-law if any of his 3 sisters are eligible to marry Sir Rayne.

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