The Dragon's Tooth is the unique weapon of King Gregory IV of the Ravenstern. Its name and appearance imply it may actually be made from the fang of a dragon.

What it isEdit

Dragon's Tooth is one of the best bastard swords in the game (1 handed and 2 handed), with a great speed and reach, rivaling even the feared rune weapons.
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Weight: 3.8

Swing: 47c

Thrust: 39p

Speed rating: 120

Weapon reach: 130

How to ObtainEdit

To obtain this weapon without cheating, you need to successfully beat and capture the king of Ravenstern (King Gregory IV). Once this is done, engage on a conversation with him. If the Ravenstern are on their last legs, he may be willing to exchange his prized sword for his freedom, but you will make a permanent enemy of the king in the process (dropping relations to -40, not that it matters as his faction is already circling the drain if he offers his weapon.) It is also allegedly possible to loot the weapon after besting him, this has been confirmed.

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