These feared women are the elite bodyguards of the Three Seers. Trusted with the Three Seers' secrets and plans, they enforce the seers' commands and fight to the death for their mistresses. Equipped with Darkwood Bows and Darkwood Arrows as well as a Doomguide Leather. They ride on Well-bred hunters, peppering all those who oppose them with a quick volley of arrows. Wielding their Doom Maces to great effect, they capture plenty of their enemies alive to convert them to the dark side. However, a lack of shields means that the Doomguides are somewhat easy pickings for enemy archers as well, and their hunters will die with a couple of pike stabs... as they perform better at ranged, keep them safe.


They are only found in The Three Seers army, spawning always 13 of these.

When defeated, the player may loot from them Noldor Trade GoodsGold bars and Heretic Writings.

There is an undead version of this troop, with almost identical equipment but with higher strength, lower skills and lower level, the Possessed Doomguide.

This troop is upgraded from Seer Favorite for 160 d and upgrades no more.