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The Doom Mace is a blunt 1-handed weapon, and is likely the best one-handed blunt weapon in the game for reach and possibly speed of any blunt weapon; two handed weapons like the regular and Blunt Steel Polehammers deal more sheer damage and appear to swing very slightly faster, but are considerably less useful on horseback and don't allow the option of shield, making the Doom Mace a far more favored weapon among would-be kings/queens.

If one aims to remain a mounted warrior and fund their army on prisoners, this is the best weapon you can find for the job; this also makes it astoundingly popular among the misc. knights who are often employed as a sort of elite slaver force. If one is going to fight on foot and prefers damage over/doesn't mind not having a shield however, polehammers would be a more suitable choice.


Weight: 3.5

Swing: 30b

Speed rating: 90

Weapon reach: 104

Requires 16 Stength to wield

How to ObtainEdit

This blunt weapon can be obtained, in two known ways, aside from cheating.

Succesfully defeating The Three Seers and being incredibly lucky in the loot can yield one or more (the doomguides, top tier units of the Seers' forces and one of the more terrifying enemies in the entire game, wield them,) is the first.

Visiting different arms shops until you finally find it is the second. Heavy Doom Maces seem to be the most commonly found. It is fairly expensive, so if you're hurting for cash it may be necessary to cheat the money you need as it will likely not be there when you come back.


  • It appears at least partially inspired by Sauron of Lord of the Rings' mace.
  • Due to it being a reasonably fast one-handed blunt weapon it is very popular among players who base a large hunk of their income on prisoners.
  • Many players will outfit their own knighthood orders with this weapon and turn them into extremely powerful general purpose/slaver units.