Zombies from the snake pits of the Snake Cult, they have been reanimated by foul powers of the Snake Goddess. Rumoured to be the bodies of peasants and merchants which the Dread Legion killed on their raids and revived to fight by and for Maltise. They are only equipped with basic boots and gloves, these being Hide boots and Leather gloves and showing most of their thin and decomposed body. Even though having no armour and shield makes them very vulnerable to cavalry charges and arrow/bolt volleys, but they can stand a fight with their falchion against medium tier warriors thanks to their high health.

Their rotting faces and lifeless eyes can spook even the most courageous knights. The fact that they can withstand damage that most soldiers can't cause many to lose faith in stopping them. Their high endurance is partially due to their state of life, trapped between both life and death.

Fortunately, for those who are brave enough to continue to fight them, they can easily notice that the these zombies are not immortal, and a series of rapid and consecutive melee strikes can easily end their existence on this realm.

They cant be knocked unconscious, therefore they can't be captured, the last strike will always result in them killed.


Pair of devoured "captured" by Aeldarian on the right and Ithilrandir on the back.


Devoured on the battleground.