The Demon Charger is a heavily armored warhorse. They are very distinctive compared to every other horse in the game. They are easily recognizable for their black plates of armor and the horns on the sides of its head. They are also much taller, if you do manage to obtain one of these horses when you start a battle you will notice how much higher you are compared to the other mounted troops. Bear in mind since you are a lot taller you do become a lot easier to hit from archers/crossbowmen. These warhorses are probably the best in the entire game, with the closest challenge being the Noldor Spirit Horse.

Demon Chargers can be acquired as loot. The most likely source of these impressive mounts are Demonic Magnus. A high looting skill is preferable when trying to get a Charger.


Spak horned charger
General information
Name: Demon Charger
Type: horse
PoP version: v3.7063
Faction Heretics
(can be in an inventory)
Eyegrim the Devourer, Demonic Magnus (x2)
Modding information
Item ID: itm_pop_demon_charger
Mesh name: spak_horned_charger
Material: spak_horned_charger
Armor: 90
Speed: 39
Maneuver: 35
Charge: 42
Hit Points: 500
Abundance: 1
Trading details
Base price: 9991
Merchandise: no
Riding: 6
Modifier information
Available: lame, swaybacked, stubborn, heavy, spirited, champion

Modifier stats

Lame 3996 90 29 30 42 500 6
Swaybacked 5995 90 35 33 42 500 6
Stubborn 8992 90 39 35 42 505 7
Heavy 18983 93 39 35 46 510 6
Spirited 64942 90 41 36 43 500 6
Champion 144870 90 43 37 44 500 8

Whom are they used by?

These warhorses are used by the Demonic Magnus's to plow through archers and infantry alike. Upon seeing several Demonic Magnus's on these Demon Chargers coming over the hill and charging straight for you can make any soldier soil his armor.

Be wary if you find yourself pitted against these warhorses unprepared. When mounted by a Demonic Magnus they will decimate any unsupported infantry or archers.

Wolfbode the Slayer rides a Demon Charger into battle. Luckily for the player, he is much easier to defeat than the Demonic Magnus but can still prove a challenge if unprepared.

Defeating Them

2013-05-02 00004

2 Demonic Magnus's charging on a Demon Charger

Don't even bother going for the horse. Aim for the rider. In most cases by the time you kill the horse you then have to face the unmounted Demonic Magnus, which is in itself a highly formidable opponent considering the Noldor Twilight Knight has trouble against them. The best you could do is possibly a large amount of Sarleon Halberdiers or Empire Armored Pikemen, or similar. Backed up by extremely good archers like the Sarleon Armored Longbowmen. Place your men on a hill to break the acceleration of the charge and take them down. Make sure that the Heretic Minions (Even though they may seem pitiful), don't form a large firing line because they can get annoying when they are allowed do this.

If tactics and patience aren't really your style, a large amount of mounted knighthood order knights. Either way, expect heavy losses.

Unless you have an army of around 300-400 knights in your party I would seriously recommend staying clear of any Heretic Armies.

For Wolfbode, an army of 150-300 knights in your party is enough to take him down since most of his army consists of Mystmountain units.

Demon Charger

Demon Charger standing riderless