D'Shar Windrider

D'Shar Windrider

The D'Shar Windriders are the honor guard of the D'Shar, summed up in two words: lightning fast. They combine the swordsmanship of Ghazi Reavers with the deadly accuracy and speed of Ghazi Stalkers; the only difference is that they do both things better.


D'Shar Dustrider

Unlike other Orders, these light horsemen ride agile coursers and the swift D'Shar armored hunters to battle. They wield heavy sabers into battle, and some of them are armed with lances or bow and arrows. They are crack horse archers, allowing them to maneuver between infantry and cavalry easily, while engaging them from range. These riders are any soldier's worst fear on an open battlefield. Their lances can easily pierce through a Barclay Infantry's plate armor in an open terrain. Even when dismounted, they wield the signature D'Shar Heavy Sabers with unnaturally fast speed and power.

Game infoEdit

Joining the D'Shar Windriders requires 10 honor. A chapter already exists in Torbah, and there is a 20% chance of a chapter existing in Nal Tar.

You must be a D'Shar lord or own Torbah to found a chapter of this Order. D'Shar Windriders are trained from D'Shar Noble Cavalry.

D'Shar Dustriders are usually the sons of the prestigious Windriders who are granted the privilege of joining the Order at an earlier age. They are trained from D'Shar Dervishes.

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