Overview Edit

Players may have the misconception that the D’Shar’s only stands out in horse archery — either a comparison of unit statistics or a field test would suggest otherwise. In truth, the faction is well rounded. Their powerful, relentless strikes leave enemies constantly staggered, crippling their ability to counterattack before they proceed to get cut down entirely.

All the Ghazi troops are very strong, they do not have a weak troop like for example, the ravenstern horseman for the Kingdom of Ravenstern, making the D'Shar a solid pick.

Thus, players will typically use D’Shar archery (both on horse and on foot) with their Hornbows and Ghazi Arrows to serve as distraction and a source of sustained damage, while their infantry will clean up the remaining foes.

Knighthood orders Edit

The D'Shar Principalities have 2 orders: the D'Shar Windriders, the first elite knighthood order associated with the faction, they can be seen as an improved version of the D'Shar Ghazi Stalkers and the Scorpion Assassins, footmen that are especially deadly with their darts, when ran out of ammo, they stand out in very short range fights, like sieges.

Windriders are the factional order of the D'Shar Principalities, meaning that a D'Shar Windrider is added occasionally to every lord of the kingdom. Kalandar Khan has D'Shar Dustriders as his household troop.

Reinforcements Edit

These are the recruiting patrons all lords and walled fiefs attached to the D'Shar culture will follow (ordered by tier):

Commoners Edit

Nobles Edit

Troop trees Edit

Tier Name
1st D'Shar Tribesman
2nd D'Shar Hunter
3rd D'Shar Conscript D'Shar Horseman
4th D'Shar Desert Fighter D'Shar Raider D'Shar Reaver
5th D'Shar Warrior D'Shar Desert Hunter
6th D'Shar Ghazi Dervish D'Shar Ghazi Spearman D'Shar Ghazi Marksman D'Shar Ghazi Stalker D'Shar Ghazi Reaver

You may also see D'Shar Djaha Archers, who spawn only in D'Shar armies. They are a special unit and not on any troop tree.
D'Shar Raiders may as well be upgraded to D'Shar Dustrider if you meet the special requirements.
D'Shar Warrior may as well be upgraded to Scorpion Scion if you meet the special requirements.

D'Shar Troop Tree

Tier Name
1st D'Shar Nobleman
2nd D'Shar Noble Raider
3rd D'Shar Noble Cavalry

D'Shar Noble Cavalry may be further upgraded to D'Shar Windrider or Scorpion Assassin if you meet the special requirements.

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