D'Shar R Noble Knight

Oddly enough, even the nomadic D'shar nobility, when exiled from whatever rights to their birthright, display a penchant for heavy armor and mounts like their noble neighbours around Pendor, unlike the Noble Cavalry found in the D'shar lords' warbands. What is even more surprising is the origins of some of their panoply, ranging from suspiciously Far-Eastern blades to Mettenheimic armor. These gear make these nobles quite a mixed bag, since they could either be armed along their traditional origins or look like total foreigners to Pendor.

Stats, Proficiencies and Skills Edit

Lvl 36 Str 24 Int 9
Agi 24 Cha 12
1-hand 320 Polearm 320
2-hand 320 Archery 320
Ironflesh 7
Power strike 6
Power draw 6
Shield 5
Athletics 6
Riding 7
Horse archery 7
Tactics 6
Leadership 3

Equipment Edit

*Missile weapons are not guaranteed

Melee Wpn Ranged Wpn Sub Wpn Head Torso Glove Legs Mount Loot
D'Shar Scimitar D'Shar Bow* D'Shar Arrows* D'Shar Warrior Helm D'Shar Elite Armor Leather Gloves Iron Greaves D'Shar Armored Hunter Gold Bar
D'Shar Sabre Round D'Shar Cross Shield Torbah Mask Helm D'Shar Dueling Armor Scale Gauntlets Black Greaves Netherworld Charger Various Loot
Heavy D'Shar Sabre D'Shar Round Shield Torbah Chieftain Helm D'Shar Noble Scale Heavy Plate Greaves Ironbred Charger
Scimitar Torbah Warrior Helm D'Shar Windrider Armor Leather Draped Warhorse
Light Lance Barclay Open Hounskull Bascinet D'Shar Heavy Mail
Lance Barclay Open Hounskull Bascinet with Plume D'Shar Breastplate over Mail
Foreign Saber Ebony Gauntlet Heavy Plate Armor
Morningstar Forlorn Hope Heavy Suit of Plate
Foreign 2-handed Sabre
Ebony Noble Sword

Note: Keep in mind that this unit is originally the Foreign Rogue Knight, a unit with with the same non-D'Shar gear as above plus some more shields back in PoP 3.6. Removal of the Barclay and Mettenheim gear would suit the actual theme of the current unit more.

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