D'Shar Noble Raider (profile)

D'Shar Noble Raider (v3.7)

D’Shar Noble Raiders are the upgrade from D’Shar nobleman and ride Coursers into battle. They have an arsenal of weapons which include the D’Shar bow, glaives, light lances and the deadly D’Shar sabres. They are also guaranteed a shield and ranged weapon, however their armour mostly consists of expensive robes which makes them easily recognized as nobles, but hardly provides them with any protection. Their steeds are unarmoured meaning they can be easily cut down and if forced to fight on foot they will be swiftly killed by mid-tiered infantry. The best way to use them is to have them harass and distract the enemy force, which they are good for, whilst the rest of your army engages the enemy.

Play them like the squires of other factions, except with bows.