D'Shar Horseman

Most of the families that were able to have a horse and their sons were handy riding them, they will become horsemen instead of conscripts when the time comes. These soldiers were given the option of taking their own horses for the training and battlefield. Most take them only for training, even thought the horses supplied by the D'Shar due to their rank are bad and weak, but the fear of watching their horse which many call their best friend die in the battlefield is a risk that they dont want to take.

This light, ineffective cavalry should be kept away from the battle and protected until they can be upgraded. D'Shar Horsemen are lightly armored, and equipped with a D'Shar Sabre and a Round D'Shar Cross Shield. They are also given the choice of Darts, or a Nomad Bow with D'Shar Arrows, their choice will determine which troop will they upgrade to when they are experienced enough.

This troop is upgraded from D'Shar Hunter for 10 d and upgrades into D'Shar Raider or D'Shar Reaver for 120 d.

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