D'Shar Ghazi Spearman

Armed with a glaive and occasionally a sword and shield, Ghazi Spearmen are among the top infantry deployed by the armies of the D'Shar. These soldiers possess good medium armor and are deceptively fast; those players hoping for an easy kill when coming up behind them on horseback with a readied mace should not be surprised to see the spearmen quickly about face and whack you with their polearm.

Ghazi Spears excel at halting cavalry and are also decent at fighting other infantry, however they can be easily outmuscled by heavier infantry such as Fierdsvain Huscarls. Because most of these men lack shields, ranged attackers can drop Ghazi Spearmen with ease. A good comparison to this unit is the Empire Armored Pikeman, though that unit has much heavier armor than that of the D'Shar. Combining this unit in the line with Ghazi Dervishes is a very good idea; the latter's possession of shields and fast, hard-hitting weapons can help even the odds.

This troop is upgraded from D'Shar Warrior for 160 d and upgrades no more.