D'Shar Djaha Archer 3.9

Unlike the more common desert bowmen found within the D'Shar army ranks, the Djaha Archer uses a long composite bow instead of the shorter one, with either D'Shar Arrows or D'Shar Superior Arrows. This grants them the ability to loose a slightly slower but deadlier volley of arrows, which they can also fire further. Like their more common peers, they are also poorly armored. However, this grants them a significant amount of agility, enabling them to move much faster, essential in their home territory, the desert. Swift with the sabres they wield, they are decent in close combat, but their measly amount of protection often means that swords and axes can easily slice through their robes. Their shields can protect them from ranged fire decently but they are still prone to breaking under a heavy volley of fire. Should the shields break, the archers would be extremely vulnerable to ranged fire themselves.

Keep these fragile but deadly troops away from heavy combat, which they are not really suited for, similar to the Ravenstern Rangers. Like their Ravenstern counterparts, they can put up fast and deadly volleys of arrows, decimating their foes from ranged. In close combat, they differ greatly, as they perform way better than his Ravenstern counterpart, having a shield, a solid 1 handed weapon (D'Shar Sabre) and high melee proficiencies.

Should you get your hands on these rare troops, keep them away from melee fights and use their powerful archery skills to complement the rest of your archer unit.

This is The D'Shar Principalities' Special troop, as so, it doesn't have a upgrade tree. They can be captured and recruited in the camp or rescued to then join the player's party.