D'Shar Desert Hunter

The first foot archer from the D'Shar. Equipped with a D'Shar Bow and Superior D'Shar Arrows he can be annoying if left ignored. He isn't yet a strong archer and performs almost the same in ranged than in melee, thanks to the Scimitar or Falchion they have equipped and the D'Shar bow not giving this troop much potential. They have a shield, which is a plus when fighting melee, as they have it easier to block an attack, an arrow or simply a couched cavalry charge (couch damage can't really be blocked with a weapon, same goes for projectiles).

Only the best are raised to have the Ghazi status, which is the primary aim of any soldier enlisted to the D'Shar.

This troop is upgraded from D'Shar Desert Fighter for 80 d and upgrades to D'Shar Ghazi Marksman for 160 d.

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