D'Shar Dervish (profile)

D'Shar Dervish (v3.7)

D'Shar Dervishes are those men of the Desert Bows who've survived a few skirmishes and honed thier skills with the D'shar Bow somewhat and traded thier blades for glaives and cheaper mail for some proper lamellar armor.

The preferred archer unit of the D’Shar army, these dervishes use the standard D’Shar Bow and D’Shar Arrows combination. Compared to soldiers like Sarleon Longbowmen and Pendor Heavy Bowmen, they are lacking in many areas. They are somewhat lacking in skill with a bow and lack any sort of sidearm, and due to them often spawning with shields the glaives they use often fall short of the effectivness they could have, but they do a good job of stalling enemy cavalry.

Remember that these units are not the main killing force of your army; they are there to harass and soften up the enemy while your infantry closes the gap, and protects them from oncoming cavalry.

In past versions they and their juniors had a chance to spawn mounted, but this is no longer the case, instead the role of skirmish force being given to their stronger and better suited big brothers, the Dervish Raiders. They are still valuable units to D'shar firing lines, as they have the means to stop cavalry dead. However they are still very lacking compared to other archers and aquiring units from elsewhere is advised.

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