In addition to the equipment already available to your Custom Knighthood Order, more higher end and much more expensive equipment can be unlocked from several sources. In some cases, the unlock gives items of their own troops, but sometimes (like Rasmus and Obrist) they will unlock equipment from their main enemies:

Most of these unlocks are upon capturing a leader of a specific Unique Spawn, but remember, to capture them, you must have negative relations with them, and its chance based, going from 40% to 90% capture chance, fully depending on your Prisoner Management Skill. Most will have a special option in where you trade their freedom for the receipts, but a few (all with "bonus with Diamonds") will unlock some items as a bonus the first time you trade their freedom for Diamonds.

Rasmus Devatica: elite Heretic equipment

Rasmus is the sole leader and founder of the Inquisition, he will unlock high tier D'Shar and Heretic gear:

Maltise: Asp Vanguard and Dread Legion equipment

Maltise is the leader of the Dread Legion, an advanced Snake Cult army, who can be ransomed for these recipes:

Ithilrandir: elite Noldor equipment

Ithilrandir is known as the most fair and just leader of the Noldor. He unlocks:

Aeldarian: elite Noldor equipment

Aeldarian is known as the most intolerant and hateful leader of the Noldor. He unlocks:

Syla Uzas: equipment of the KO-s of the Empire

A veteran of the Empire, Syla is now a feared Rogue Knight that united many Empire soldiers to his cause, specially Empire Knighthood Orders troops. He unlocks:

Obrist Heynrich: Priestess' and Anaconda's equipment

A famous Mettenheim commander blamed for the expansion of the Snake Cult in their homeland and forced to exile. But Obrist isn't alone, all his soldiers know he is not the one to blame and with that and a mixture of respect and admiration, joined him. He unlocks:

Burilgi the Usurper: Ebony and Darkwood weapons

Burilgi is the sole unique spawn of the Singalians will unlock:

Eyegrim the Devourer: heretic equipment

The fearsome leader of the biggest undead Heretics army in Pendor, Eyegrim will unlock the first time being "captured":

The Three Seers: the armor of her deadly Doomguides

The strongest troop in Pendor in the strongest Heretics army. But there's not just 1, but 3 of them! The Three Seers will unlock the first time being "captured":

Alaric von Brouhaha

Leading the numerous but very weak army of drunkmen and deserters, Alaric will unlock a single item, but although its not a good item for battle (even though it hits of blunt), its cool due its fire animation, that looks even better on night-time:

Note: a second message will show saying "Congratulations, you have found an Easter Egg!" upon unlocking this item.

If the player is a female and selected "Warband faces" (AKA ugly) instead of "Custom faces" (AKA pretty), Alaric will also unlock Lute and Lyre

K'Juda the Ravager: bonus with Diamonds

The most militant and charismatic Jatu leader is K'Juda the Ravager, and he will unlock:

Warlord Zulkar: bonus with Diamonds

The honorable and respected Jatu Warlord Zulkar will unlock:

Calanon: 70 relation unlock - casual Noldor equipment

Once Quigfen's Quest is completed, Calanon can be found as a merchant in the Noldor Elacrai Castle. When relations with the Noldor are at 70 or higher, he will gift the player the recipes for the following equipment:


Upon learning the 5 poems in Pendor, the player will be gifted the recipe to make:

Mettenheim Arbalest

One Mettenheim Arbalest and the secrets to craft it for your CKO are granted upon joining any Knighthood Order and talking with the knight when having at least 300 Weapon Proficiencies in Crossbows and being at least rank 5 Knight Commander of the order.