In addition to the equipment already available to your Custom Knighthood Order, more higher end and much more expensive equipment can be unlocked from several sources.

Maltise Edit

Maltise is the leader of the Dread Legion, an advanced Snake Cult army, who can be ransomed for these recipes:

  • Maltise Asp Armor
  • High Priestess Snake Armor
  • Anaconda Knight Armor
  • Dread Legion Armor

Aeldarian Edit

Aeldarian is one of the leaders of the Noldor armies who can be ransomed for these recipes:

  • Noldor Ancient Plate
  • Noldor Rune Armor
  • Noldor Noble Shield
  • Noldor Enchanted Shield
  • Noldor Goldleaf Warhorse
  • Noldor Spirit Horse.

Note: While at a positive relationship with the Noldor, their leaders can't be captured.

Calanon Edit

Once Quigfen's Quest is completed, Calanon can be found as a merchant in the Noldor Elacrai Castle. When relations with the Noldor are at 70 or above, he will gift the player the recipes for the following equipment:

  • Female Noldor Armor
  • Noldor Archer Garb
  • Noldor Trimmed Ranger Garb
  • Noldor Noble Armor
  • Noldor Infantry Helm
  • Noldor Leather Boots
  • Noldor Composite Bow

Poetry Edit

Upon learning the 5 poems in Pendor, the player will be given the recipe to make:

Mettenheim Arbalest Edit

One Mettenheim Arbalest and the secrets to craft it for your CKO are granted upon joining any Knighthood Order and talking with the knight when having at least 300 Weapon Proficiencies in Crossbows and being at least rank 5 (Knight Commander) of the order.

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