Companion relations

Adjacent characters dislike each other; characters with green lines between them like each other.

You are not the only hero in Prophesy of Pendor. Across the lands, you may find characters in taverns who will be willing to aid you... for a price.

Companions are much more expensive in Pendor, often costing thousands of denars to hire (Sir Roland, the most expensive companion, costs 8000 denars). However, in most cases, companions are far more advanced than in Native and come with stronger equipment. For example, Lethaldiran is recruited at level 42 and comes with Noldor armor and a Noldor bow and arrows, with weapon proficiencies over 400.

Companions have slightly different starting skills and experience between different save games.

Companions' starting skills and experience are slightly randomized per save file. Attributes, equipment and proficiencies are always fixed.

For companion prices and making them vassals info, just scroll down to the table. For further information about the companion, like their special recruiting template, check each companion's page.

Strategy: Companion Combinations

These combinations are thought to avoid any conflicts within the party which often result in your companions leaving. Some combinations will allow the player some actions whilst other combinations, will allow other actions.

  • Diev-Sigismund-Leslie-Kaverra-Lethaldiran-Julia-Alyssa-Alistair
    • 5 commoners, 3 nobles
    • Special troops: Eventide, Dragon, Noldor & Maiden Rangers
    • You can add Ansen+Sir Rayne for versatility or Boadice+Frederic for more asskicking power.
    • Do not raid villages, steal from peasants or rob merchants, otherwise Leslie, Diev and Boadice will be upset.
    • Do not run from battles, or Sir Alistair, Sir Rayne and Frederick will be upset.
    • Do not fail quests, or Alyssa will be upset.
    • Do not fail to feed or pay the troops, do not get slaughtered or Kaverra, Siggy, Lethaldiran, Julia and Ansen will be upset.
  • Adonja-Donavan-Kassim-Ediz-Riva-Sara-Roland-Jocelyn
    • 4 commoners, 4 nobles
    • Can add any 2 from the inner circle because an adjacent dislike will be balanced by likes. More than 2 from the inner circle though means someone gets two dislikes and leaves.
    • Do not raid villages, steal from peasants or rob merchants, otherwise Jocelyn and Roland will be upset.
    • Do not run from battles, or Donavan, Ediz and Sara will be upset.
    • Do not fail to feed or pay the men, do not get slaughtered or Adonja, Kassim and Riva will be upset.
  • Alistair-Adonja-Donavan-Kassim-Ediz-Riva-Alyssa-Ansen
    OR Alistair-Sigismund-Donavan-Kassim-Ediz-Riva-Sara-Sir Rayne
    • Can raid villages, steal from peasants, or rob merchants
    • 3 commoners, 5 nobles with either group
  • Roland-Jocelyn-Diev-Sigismund-Leslie-Kaverra-Lethaldiran-Julia-Boadice
    • 6 commoners, 3 nobles
    • This is probably the most hard core, kick ass warring group ever.
    • No medic.
    • Ok to run from battles, surrender, pay off bullies and bandits, leave some men behind to cover your escape, and everyone is still happy!
    • Cannot raid villages or Kaverra will be upset.
  • Leslie-Diev-Donavan-Frederick-Jocelyn-Boadice-Ediz
    • Add either: Alistair & Alyssa 'or' Roland & Sara
      • It would appear that Alistair & Alyssa would be a better choice, unless you're a big fan of funny mustaches and man-eaters.
    • 5 commoners, 4 nobles
    • Ok to not feed or pay your men. You can get slaughtered, and everyone's still happy.
    • Versatile skills distribution.
    • Can't go raiding stuff or surrendering, or failing quests with this group.

Companions as Lords

Much like native, you can grant fiefs to your companions if you become a King. Some companions will field special troops along with their normal culture troops or a whole new recruiting template (like Lethaldiran with Noldor, Donavan with Barclay...). All companions start with 1000 renown if turned into vassals. Commoners when becoming lords have three different personalities:

  • Roguish: Tries to live life as a lord to the full (something between bad-tempered and cunning)
  • Benefactor: Tries to improve the quality of life of his people (similar to martial)
  • Custodian: Tries to maximize fief's earning potential (similar to martial)

Note: Making a commoner a vassal will drop your relation with most lords (not only the ones in your kingdom) upon talking to them.

Noble personalities are alike the other nobles, for further information about lord personalities click here.

In bold are highlighted good & decent personalities and good social status.

"Knight of the X" means that its only the Knight. "Order of the X" means both knight and sergeant.

Name Hire Price Personality Social Class Common Troops Special Troops Triggers story Level to Access Gear(1)
Adonja 1200 Roguish Commoner Pendor* Mystmountain and

Bearclaw Berserkers

Poinsbruk 0
Alyssa 2000 Bad-tempered Noble Empire - Ethos 15
Ansen 0 Upstanding Noble Empire - Ethos 0
Boadice 6000 Martial Noble Veccavia Maidens & Lady Valkyries Valonbray 25
Diev 4000 Benefactor Commoner Ravenstern - Rane 15
Donavan 3000 Martial Noble Pendor* Barclay Castle Anden 0
Ediz 3000 Benefactor Commoner D'Shar - Torbah 10
Frederick 6000 Custodian Commoner Pendor* Mettenheim Marleons 25
Julia 800 Benefactor Commoner Empire - Janos 0
Kassim 800 Cunning Noble D'Shar - Singal 0
Kaverra 2000 Benefactor Commoner Fierdsvain - Jayek 0
Leslie 0 Benefactor Commoner Random - Javiksholm 0
Lethaldiran 6000 Cunning Noble Pendor* Noldor Warriors, Rangers and Maiden Rangers Laria 30
Riva 1500 Roguish Commoner Sarleon - Laria 0
Sara 1500 Sadistic Noble Random - Marleons 0
Sigismund 4000 Benefactor Commoner Fierdsvain - Vezin 25
Sir Alistair 5000 Martial Noble Pendor* Order of Eventide Laria 20
Sir Jocelyn 5000 Benefactor Commoner Sarleon - Poinsbruk 25
Sir Rayne 5000 Martial Noble Ravenstern* Order of the Falcon Rane 20
Sir Roland 8000 Good-natured Noble Pendor* Order of the Dawn Cez 20

*: They have special recruitment templates, meaning that they will recruit other troops than the standard kingdom recruitment templates (to check them, go to their respective pages). The rest, if the companion is given a City, he/she will get soldiers from the faction of the original owner, else, he/she will get soldiers from his/her original faction (the one in "common troops").

(1): Before 3.9, only Lethaldiran was restricted. Since 3.9, the player will not be able to access the equipment of a companion until the player has at least the level shown. REVERTED - All companions will have their equipment lowered down in quality except for Lethaldiran, meaning player can't abuse of hiring a companion to get their top equipment for themselves, so the level restriction was reverted to "only Lethaldiran" like in previous versions

3.9 feature

This is a new feature added to be able to recruit special troops. This is similar to the new Right to rule option, but that will always give some troops but it can only be triggered once per companion, whilst this can be repeated over and over, but you may get no troops whatsoever. Player can ask a single companion every week for troops:

For option to appear

  • Not during order's renown challenge quest
  • You haven't asked a companion that week (no matter if you won or lost)
  • Player must be at least level 20
  • Relations with the companion at least +ve 40 (only if companion is a lord).

Troops (weak, medium, strong)

Here you can check it in a table format, as well as the levels (as its what determines the base price)

Chances (rolled in advance)

  • 30% fail
  • 35% weak troop
  • 25% medium troop
  • 10% strong troop

Quantities (rolled in advance)

  • 1-5 if you talk to him in a tavern (not recruited)
  • 2-4 if you talk to him whilst he is in your party
  • 1-2 if you talk to him whilst he is a lord


  • if the troop is mounted, +25%
  • always +20% of its original cost (original cost based on troop's level)


  • Normally, the maximum amount of companions you have at once without dislikes is 10.
  • If you have 10 Persuasion, you can have all of the companions in your party, as you will be persuasive enough to prevent them from leaving. This requires them to have at least average morale and to be happy about your style of leadership and happy about the general state of affairs. Not reaching these requirements will slowly get the companion "mad", and in ~week he will leave if its not fixed. One easy fix is sending away one of his/her rivals.
  • Ansen, Leslie and Sara the Fox are good candidates for INT/CHA party skills that you will not be leveling up.
  • For high-level companions, like Lethaldiran and Sir Roland, investing Qualis Gems for the Dust of Twilight will allow them to become even stronger without needing to grind for EXP.
  • Regarding Custom Knighthood Orders, plan accordingly as you want high trainer skill to pass over STR, AGI and Weapon Proficiency in a timely manner.