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Companion Relations

Adjacent characters dislike each other; characters with green lines between them like each other.

You are not the only hero in Prophesy of Pendor. Across the lands, you may find characters in taverns who will be willing to aid you...for a price.

Companions are much more expensive in Pendor, often costing thousands of denars to hire (Sir Roland, the most expensive companion, costs 8000 denars). However, in most cases, companions are far more advanced than in Native and come with stronger equipment. For example, Lethaldiran is recruited at level 42 and comes with Noldor armor and a Noldor bow and arrows, with weapon proficiencies in the 400s.

As of 3.7, companions have different starting skills and experience between different save games.

As of version 3.7, companions' starting skills and experience are slightly randomized per save file. Also, their starting levels have been lowered.

Companions as Lords Edit

Much like native, you can grant fiefs to your companions if you become a King. Some companions will field special, elite troops along with their normal culture troops. All companions start with 1000 renown if turned into vassals.

Personality Social Class Common Troops Special Troops
Adonja Good-natured Commoner Pendor Mystmountain
Alyssa Bad-tempered Noble Empire -
Ansen Upstanding Noble Empire -
Boadice Martial Noble Fierdsvain Veccavi & Maidens
Diev Good-natured Commoner Ravenstern -
Donavan Martial Noble Pendor Barclay
Ediz Good-natured Commoner D'Shar -
Frederick Calculating Commoner Pendor Mettenheim
Julia Good-natured Commoner Empire -
Kassim Calculating Noble D'Shar -
Kaverra Good-natured Commoner Fierdsvain -
Leslie Good-natured Commoner Empire -
Lethaldiran Calculating Noble Pendor Noldor
Riva Good-natured Commoner Sarleon -
Sara Debauched Noble Empire -
Sigismund Good-natured Commoner Fierdsvain -
Sir Alistair Martial Noble Pendor Order of Eventide
Sir Jocelyn Good-natured Commoner Sarleon Order of the Lion
Sir Rayne Martial Noble Pendor Order of the Falcon
Sir Roland Upstanding Noble Pendor Order of the Dawn

Tips Edit

  • Normally, the maximum amount of companions you can comfortably have at once is 10.
  • If you have 10 Persuasion, you can have all of the companions in your party, as you will be persuasive enough to prevent them from leaving.
  • Ansen, Leslie and Sara the Fox are good candidates for INT/CHA party skills that you will not be levelling up.
  • For high-level companions, like Lethaldiran and Sir Roland, investing Qualis Gems for the Dust of Twilight will allow them to become even stronger without needing to grind for EXP.
  • Regarding Custom Knighthood Orders, plan accordingly as you want high trainer skill to pass over STR, AGI and Weapon Proficiency in a timely manner.

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