Cobra Warrior

Only the most devoted Snake Cult followers are granted heavier weapons and a frightening new addition, the Netherworld Charger. Almost impervious to pikes and spears now, the Cobra Warriors wield frightening Bradiches, Shortened Military Scythes and Flame Bladed Swords. Some may even pack javelins to combat enemy cavalry forces at medium range. However, their skill with the javelins are pretty lackluster, a fact that runs true in most of the Snake Cult forces for having good equipment but poor skill in using it. Despite that, their use of their mighty two-handed weapons are not to be underestimated, as a swing can usually cleave right through lightly armored soldiers, ending their lives in a single swing.

While they may lack shields in favor of two-handed weapons, their plate armor can protect them from weak ranged fire, although missles from top tier rangers can easily pierce through the plate armor of the Cobra Warriors. The swings of the Cobra Warriors' weapons are slow, allowing an agile soldier like a D'Shar Bladesman to easily dodge, block or counter it.

Despite their weaknesses, Cobra Warriors are to be feared. They excel in cleaving their way through ranks of halberdiers, breaking the shields of their adversaries, allowing the Armsmen to fire at the unprotected soldiers. They are also great when heavily used to create gaps in infantry lines, leaving the infantry disorganized and making them more vulnerable to the Snake Cult Armsmen and Anaconda Knights .

They upgrade from Snake Cult Armsmen and can not be upgraded further.

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