Marleons City.

Location consisting of a few explorable areas you can choose from the list and the marketplace.

  • Castle, standard meeting place for lords, ladies, steward, counsellor, claimants and always two guards at both sides of the door, if the city has a Knighthood Order chapter, the Sergeant and the Knight of that Knighthood Order will be the guards and the player can interact with them to see their stats or ask for quests if your relation with their Knighthood Order is 0 or higher.
  • Streets, the largest area to explore, includes are all other areas, which are accessible simply by interacting with merchants, or doors leading to the tavern or castle hall.
    • There are several other NPC's that can be only met here such as: Guildmaster, Prison Guard, Merchants, Town Guards...
    • Rane and Valonbray hold a chest on their streets, both will start with some items (Valonbray surely with a Various Loot and Rane with a valuable Qualis Gem. NPC's in the taverns will rarely ask you to pay an extra 200 d (after the 10 d payed for telling you rumours), which will make one of these chests receiving some item(s) that the player can pick up (you're told which on on the chat log).
  • Tavern, a place for the less noble citizens of the realm. The common residents are:
    • Bartender - can be paid to increase relation with city or increase troop moral. May also give jobs.
    • Slave trader - Will purchase slaves for a price.
    • Companions - Will join your party for a price (some are free though)
    • Villager - Asks for help and can be an optional quest to free village of bandits that improves honour, renown and relation with village.
    • Special NPC's - Brother Randalf, Finneas de Digit, Ramun and Quigfen who offer unique services.
    • Non-faction specific order knights.  - Can talk to them to find out their order's stories
  • Arena, with a servant being in charge of arena's matters where you can fight and ask about the tournaments.
  • Marketplace, giving the ability to trade arms, armors, goods and horses and receiving a bargain after assessing the prices carefully.
  • Visit your (business), only shows up after buying an enterprise in the city. You can visit it where you'll find a NPC, which you can just give buy and him the raw materials which always results in cheaper than him finding them on his own, this way you maximise the profit you get from them weekly.
  • Wait here for some time, unless you own the city you're in, this will cost you money each day, depending on your party size. This allows the player to keep on reading a book, recover his hp faster and his army wounded troops will be healed faster.

Options for Ownership:

  • Manage this City: If a city has been awarded to you, such as Marleons, as shown in the above picture, you can click a button that is labeled as 'Manage This City'. This is where you can add upgrades to your city, such as Civic Patrols. These upgrades depend on your character's skills.
  • Manage the Garrison: This option is always available if a city is awarded to you. Here you can leave troops to defend your city should it come under siege. You can also speak to your steward to see an extra option come up. It should say, "Send your quartermaster to recruit from the surrounding villages. This means that recruits will appear in your garrison. In order for them to become better, you must have a training grounds in your city. You can also store an infinite amount of prisoners in your city. For some reason, however, none of them ever try to escape, except for the Lords you put in your dungeons. Apparently only nobles have any brains. It doesn't have to make sense.
  • Each city has a chest which can only be opened and used if you own the city. At the start of each game, each city may be awarded items, check City Chests.

Options for Kingship:

  • Move Your Court Here: Let's say your a new King, a ruler of a small, independent 'rebel' country, who calls itself the Kingdom of Pendor. You managed to take Rela Keep from the Baccus Empire, and have filled your ranks with the prisoners you rescued. While this probably wouldn't actually happen, let's say that Ethos, a city relatively close, is attacked by the snake cult. You wait for the siege to be over, then you strike the weakened garrison. You now own Ethos. If you award it to yourself, a new option will appear, along with Manage the Garrison and Manage this City. It should say, 'Move Your Court Here'. This means that your minister will move from Rela Keep to Ethos, and you can interact with him there. But first you have to acquire a bolt of velvet and a set of tools, a task that is easier said then done.
Valonbray Chest

Valonbray's chest. Its on the left part of the city, in one of the boats in the port.

Rane Chest

Rane's chest. After entering the city, turn left and continue straight until you find on your right this big straw piles.