To use cheats, you must configure your game to allow cheats: after opening up the game launcher, before you click Play Mount&Blade, go to Configure. From there, go to the Game tab and check the box next to Enable Cheats.

For the full cheat menus, you do as well have to enable in the Advanced Tab the Edit Mode. This will give full access to all the cheat menus shown below.


Note: They are not recommended for serious playing as they will ruin your game play experience, making the game in most cases too easy and probably boring. Use them to mess around or force an epic battle.

If you are unable to activate the cheatmenu

Cheats Edit

However, it must be noted that playing with Cheats enabled will stop you from receiving Steam achievements. If cheats are used, you may disable them again at any time to re-enable Steam achievements since they are only disabled for the sessions in which they are used, but Prophesy of Pendor will deactivate that save game Achievements forever if the player uses bold Battle Cheats more than twice. Using a bold cheat will flag the battle. The player can use freely bold cheats on a battle that was flagged already, resulting in the same outcome as if he used it only once. Short after the flagged battle ends, the player will receive a warning. After the second warning, if the player flags another battle, they will trigger the Cheater Achievement.

Battle Cheats Edit

Hotkey Effect
Ctrl+H Heals your character.
Ctrl+Shift+H Refills your horse's health.
Ctrl+F4 Delivers 30-55 (random) blunt damage to a random enemy (doesn't hurt horses).
Ctrl+F3 Damages yourself (random value ranging between 100 and 200) (doesn't hurt your horse)
Ctrl+F5 AI takes control over your character. Repeat to disable it. You can command yourself with the party command keys.
Ctrl+Shift+F4 Delivers 30-55 (random) blunt damage to the closest enemy zoomed into. (Holding shift and looking at)
Ctrl+Shift+F6 Delivers 30-55 (random) blunt damage to all of your troops (doesn't hurt horses).
Ctrl+F6 Delivers 30-55 (random) blunt damage to one of your troops (doesn't hurt horses).
Ctrl+Alt+F4 Delivers 30-55 (random) blunt damage to all enemies.
Ctrl+F9 Toggles slow motion. Repeat to revert it.
Ctrl+F11 Freezes time. Repeat to revert it.

Non-Battle Cheats Edit

Hotkey Effect
Ctrl+X** Gives you 1000 experience points while on the stats screen. Works also in companions and troops, but doesn't really work as intended on troops.
Ctrl+X Gives a selected soldier experience points while on the party screen (select him in party screen, then press Ctrl+X). This is the correct way (still cheating though) to upgrade your soldiers, not the previous Ctrl+X nor Ctrl+L).
Ctrl+X Gives 1000 denars while on the inventory screen.
Ctrl+W Greatly increases all of your weapon proficiencies while on the character screen.
Ctrl+Left Click Teleports the party to the spot clicked (when on the map screen).
Ctrl+T Lets you see all parties and tracks on the map screen. Doesn't reveal hideouts nor secret locations.
Ctrl+L** Automatic level up, usable on the stats screen. Warning: Do not level past 62. Works also in companions and troops, but doesn't really work as intended on troops.

Warning: When going from level 62 to 63, the game overflows the level, instantly bumping you up by around 2000 levels. This may seem awesome at first, though quests that scale with your level will become impossible to complete as there will be thousands of enemies. Every hostile party will also run from you, no matter the difference in numbers. It also causes the game to crash frequently, even on higher-end systems.

Other Cheats Edit

Using any of these cheats wont trigger the Cheater Achievement nor it will restrain the player from getting any other achievement.

In the map, press Ctrl + º (key over Tab)(rarely, depending the keyboard, its Ctrl+~ or Ctrl+¬) and then type cheatmenu.

If you are unable to activate the cheat menu the previous way, this other one will solve it.

This will enable four new menus in the Camp section. These new menus are:

CHEATMENU! (this is a default cheat menu, it will be available in most mods and native): Edit

  • Find an item... : lets you buy any item in the game. (this price is affected by trade skill)
  • Change weather: lets you increase/reduce the amount of clouds and fog.
  • Increase player renown: increases by 100 the player renown, can be repeated.
  • Increase player honor: increases by 1 the player honor, can be repeated.
  • Update political notes
  • Update troop notes
  • Scramble minstrels: shows where the 5 bards are (the ones that teach poems), after clicking this option, check the chat (press L).
  • Infinite camp: makes your party disappear from the map, and speeds up time. To stop it, press anywhere in the map.
  • Debug messages

CHEAT MENU VADER (added by MadVader, player-related stuff and unlocking places): Edit

  • First, pimp me up!: Gives the player 90 million denars, 2 Qualis Gems, equips the player with Mettenheim equipment, a D'Shar Armored Hunter, 100 honor and 15,000 prestige. Boosts the player stats heavily.
  • Test Player Order...: allows the player some options to speed up CKHO processes.
  • Setup Grandmaster Quest: triggers that the next time you go to the castle of a city with the KHO you belong to, the snake cult will attack. This will directly take you to this point. If the player doesn't belong to any KHO, then the player will be automatically added to the Order of the Lion (even if it doesn't have 500 renown) and the quest with be with them.
  • Generate a random order: creates a chapter of a CKO for a random vassal without a chapter on his walled fief. A patrol of 10 of that CKO knights will aswell spawn over the player.
  • Set Mystmountain Relations to 1 for Quest: waste left from a quest that was left incomplete and reverted. It sets up your relation with Mystmountains to 1, nothing more.
  • Complete the Noldor quest (skips the Quigfen's quest and sets up relation with Noldors to 30 so that the player can see and access Elacrai).
  • Toggle Native cheat mode: do not change this else, once quitting the menu, you wont be able to access to MV again (unless you restart the game or refresh cheat menus: write nocheatmenu and then cheatmenu again.
  • Fast Forward 200 days: the same as Infinite camp, but way faster and it will automatically stop upon passing 200 days.
  • Test Companion Conversations: allows the player to get all 20 companions.

CHEAT MENU VADER TROOPS (added by MadVader, troops and armies related) Edit

  • Give me Honor troops: allows the player to chose from most Knighthood Orders warriors to add to his party. Parties of 100.
  • Give me cool troops: allows the player to chose from heroic/unique troops. Packs of 100.
  • Give me regular troops: allows the player to chose from from most of the pop factions. He will be given 1 of every troop that faction has.
  • Spawn a minor faction: allows the player to spawn patrols from the Knighthood Orders he starts being enemy off (Order of the Dawn, Order of Eventide, Order of the Ebony Gauntlet) so that he can farm up relations. As well gives the choice to spawn any of the 6 leader-less armies (Noldor, Vanskerries, Mystmountain, Jatu, Snake Cult and Heretics).
  • Balance parties: access some of the parties options, spawn all mercenary companies and shows how strong each one upon spawning is.

CHEAT MENU SNOUZ (added by snouz, forces fights and peaces between kingdoms) Edit

CHEAT MENU TESTERS (added by snouz & Leonion, related to troops and models): Edit

  • Get 50 troops: sets up temporal garrison with 50 troops of every single one of Pendor (even companions, lords, npcs from cities...)
  • Give troops: you donate the troops you want. A warband will be made near you with those troops you handed. This warband belongs to the Outlaws faction. Used to test one troop against another mainly (you get one, you hand in the other).
  • Undress a soldier: gives you the equipment of the last troop you gave to the Outlaw faction in the previous menu option. Clicking this without giving any unit previously will result in an error report.
  • Get lords: shows all the companions, vassals, monarchs and claimants. Only vassals and monarchs can be added from that list to your party. They behave like a companion in your party.
  • Give me the new Ashenborn and Assassin units: adds to the player's party 1 sergeant and 1 knight from the 3 orders added in 3.8. (Order of the Scorpion Assassins, Order of the Phoenix and Order of the Shadow Wolves).
  • Give my company 1,000,000 xp: shares 1 million experience between all the troops in the player's party (including the player).
  • Make me an elf!: changes the model of the player to be alike a Noldor (long blond hair, "stretched" face, elven looks...). This change is not reversible, so be sure to pre-save if you just want to test it (except with the one below).
  • Make me a zombie!: changes to the model of the player to a undead one (Dread Legion Infantry is a good example). This change is not reversible, so be sure to pre-save if you just want to test it (except with the one above).
  • Disable companions complaints: mutes the companions, but they can still leave the party if they get too mad.
  • Turn cheat mode off: works as writing nocheatmenu.

Activating cheatmenu will also show more options in menus, like instant insta-build siege equipment in a siege, or directly conquer castle, make a lord obey you or be able to duel him, etc.

Note: for all the options that give the player troops/companion, first there must be space to host them, else, you wont get any. You cheat to increase your renown to increase your max party size.

Note: remember you can change the party_templates.txt, for example; make a "Heretic army" contain whatever you want to, and then click "Spawn Heretic Army" to spawn that special army you created.

Note: to remove these cheat menus after, type nocheatmenu where you wrote cheatmenu at first.