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Burilgi the Usurper
is a so-called Prophet of the Desert obsessed by holy madness who wants to “cleanse” the D’Shar Territories of everything unclean. What he considers unclean is unclear, as all those who know for sure have disappeared or perished. Whole Singalian tribes are said to abandon their settlements in order to join him.

Burilgi's strange religion centers through attaining Paradise through martyrdom and the use of a highly addictive consciousness-expanding drug to achieve what he calls enlightenment. In reality, Burilgi uses the addiction to this drug to enslave his followers, and will withold it from them prior to a battle, so that they will fight like madmen, in hopes of getting more of it as a victory boon. Ironically, Burilgi himself seems to be addicted to dates, constantly craving the fruits.

Burilgi's most loyal female followers are sent on quests inspired by drug-induced visions. Those who return successfully from these vision quests are promoted to Omen Seekers, his own cadre of elite bodyguards.

His spawn spot is around Torbah.

Burilgi the Usurper can be captured. His army ranges between 550-700 men, and consists of the following:

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