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Brother Randalf is one of the three book vendors in Pendor. He is an old grey-haired man without any weapon. To find him, player may ask any Traveler and pay 50 denars to know where he is.

He also knows the location of one unique spot, and will trade one Qualis Gem for a map to the Hidden Mines of Al-Aziz.

There are 3 posible spots where the hidden Mines may appear. One is southwest of Torbah, the second one is spotted south of Torbah (down where Muqaddas Pani is, but to the east of this castle), the final spot is probably the worst one, as deep in the Jatu desert, near the frozen mountains at the end. One you buy the map, you will immediately know the spot if you look at the map.

Note: pre-save before buying the map from Randalf. Buy it, check where they are, if you don't like the mines' spot, load that save and try again, as it is randomized at the moment you buy the map.

List of Books

(Item ID)
The Great Leaders of Pendor
Book Great Leaders of Pendor


4200 7 +1 leadership Permanent
The High Arts - Vol.MV
Book The High Arts


2900 10 +1 intelligence Permanent
The Life of the Silver Fox
Book The Life of the Silver Fox


3100 11 +1 trade Permanent
The Great Fechtbuch, with Pictures
Book The Great Fechtbuch


4200 9 +1 weapon
The Complete Manual of Herbal Remedies of Pendor
Book The Complete Manual


3500 - +1 wound
Codex of the Righteous Ranger
Book Codex of the Righteous Ranger
5430 11 +10 relation

with Noldor