Introduction Edit

Bolts are the ammunition for crossbows. Each kind of bolt has a damage bonus and a set ammunition per pack of bolts.

List of Bolts Edit

The bolts held in grey rows are used for training camps and tournaments, so they won't be found in any troops nor stores.

(Item ID)
Ammo Base
Weight Bonus Damage


18 0 2.25 0p
Basic Bolts


45 200 2.0 5p
Light Bolts


40 400 2.25 7p
Steel Bolts


36 1100 2.5 11p
Balanced Bolts


38 700 2.5 9p
Mettenheim Bolts


30 2300 2.75 16p
Practice Bolts


49 0 2.25 0c
Practice Bolts


9 0 2.25 0c
Siege Bolts


34 1600 2.50 13p

Bolt Modifiers Edit

Modifier Quantity Damage Cost
Large Bag +15% - +90%
Bent - -3 -35%

The quantity increase is rounded down to the nearest integer, with a minimum of +1. For example, a Large Bag of Bolts (itm_tutorial_bolts) will have 20 in a quiver instead of the standard 18, as: 18*1.15=20.7, the .7 is truncated to leave 20.

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