Barclay Conquistador

The Conquistadors ride powerful chargers that can easily take down infantry and cavalry alike. They wear a unique Barclay Plate armor and carry silver claymores, morningstars and heavy lances, while protecting themselves with a heater shieldThe Conquistadors are extremely strong cavalry, and under volleys of missiles, they are usually the soldiers of a Barclay cavalry charge to survive long enough to make it to the enemy line, usually causing uniformed infantry lines to waver as they smash their morningstars and swords into their hapless enemies. However, as heavy cavalry, they are easily outflanked by light cavalry, which can be deadly to them if they are carrying lances and have distance to maximize their mounts' speed to couch lance the Conquistadors.

Barclay Conquistadors can join a player as a result of a heartbeat quest and can also be found as part of a wandering Barclay Adventure Company leading the party, as well as in Primera Guardia Real and in big numbers in Rufio Vincente de Villaviciosia's army.

This troop is upgraded from Barclay Lancer for 200 d and upgrades no more.

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