“The men of Barclay suffer from a thirst that only gold can quench" - Frederick of Mettenheim

Introduction Edit

Barclay Forge Pict

The Land of Barclay lies far from Pendor. Its kingdom is perhaps the most powerful in terms of military might and it constantly tries to colonize other realms. Easily recognizable by their heavily armored troops, they field troops that are coveted by other nations as reliable and efficient mercenaries. They have had previous feuds with the Baccus Empire but they currently have a peace treaty.

Barclay Heavy Footmen and Sappers are available as mercenaries in the taverns. The others will only be found in minor armies or as mercenaries in a heartbeat quest.

Barclay foot troops are excellent at sieges, and their cavalry are great on the field as well. If you face the Barclay as enemies, fear the worst. Their Lancers and Conquistadors ride powerful chargers that can easily plow through infantry and cavalry alike. Their tactic for fighting is to use their heavy cavalry to crush their enemies' formation. With their infantry and sharpshooters close behind, the Heavy Footmen will slaughter remaining stragglers, with the Sappers providing covering fire. Even under a hail of missiles, always expect some of them to be able to reach your troops' position. No matter your strategy, always be prepared to suffer casualties.

The Order of the Dawn originally hailed from Barclay, but were exiled due to their ruthless behavior to the general populace, and as part of a plan by the nobles of Barclay to rid themselves of the conflict between the Dawn knights and the Heretics, which was also the reason for the birth of the Order of Eventide.

Troops Edit

Troop Tree
Tier Name
1st Barclay Heavy Footman Barclay Sapper
2nd Barclay Lancer
3rd Barclay Conquistador

Note: Since 3.9.0, their troop tree suffered several modifications, The result being:

Troop Tree
Tier Name
1st Barclay Adventurero
2nd Barclay Heavy Footman Barclay Sapper
3rd Barclay Lancer
4th Barclay Conquistador

The Barclay Conquistador was removed from the upgrade path, but the lancer was attached to Heavy Footman. Conquistador will still be obtainable by the player.

Spawns Edit

Barclay Loot Pict

The main spawn of Barclay in Pendor is called "Conquistadores de Aventura" and its a big warband made of:

They also have a mercenary company, lead by Velasco Perfecta Banderas Durante; the Primera Guardia Real. Barclay has very poor influence in Pendor and if the player wants to raise their relations with them to hire their mercenary company, he can only rely on the Conquistadores de Aventura party.

Rufio Vincente de Villaviciosia is the unique spawn of Barclay, however, he is an outlawed from Barclay that had to flee to Pendor, meaning that he will use Barclay troops, however he will belong to the Outlaws faction.

Relations Edit

Barclay doesn't have any alliances with anyone and they are a lesser Hateful faction. They are neutral to all Knighthood Orders except for Order of the Lion and Order of Eventide, both being at odds with Barclay. They have wary (-10) relations with the 5 major kingdoms and the player.

Companions Edit

Donavan is a noble Companion from Barclay, and upon making him vassal, he will train mostly Barclay troops (as well as some Pendor low and medium tier troops).