Bandits are far more dangerous in Prophesy of Pendor than they were in Native. In Native, bandits charged stupidly at you with sticks and stones. In Prophesy of Pendor, they still charge stupidly at you, but they possess bows, spears, and other weapons that can make your life miserable, at least early on.

There are numerous types of bandits. Vanskerries dwell on the Fierdsvain coast, D'Shar Raiders are aptly found in D'Shar lands along with their rivals the Singalians, the Red Brotherhood can be found just about anywhere, and then there are plain old bandits that can also be found just about anywhere.

Bandit Troop TreeEdit

1st Tier


2nd Tier Bandit Brigand
3rd Tier Highwayman Sellsword*

You may also find Notorious Outlaws, but while they are essentially an upgrade of Outlaws, experience does not indicate notoriety.

Finally, there are Rogue Knights and their predecessors Rogue Squires. These men are hated across Pendor for their dishonor, and often command larger bandit groups.

Red BrotherhoodEdit

The Red Brotherhood is a guild of thieves and slavers. You may profit off their slavebrokers, but they may also seek to profit off of you. Red Brotherhood Thieves and Red Brotherhood Guildsmen can be encountered; they tend to prefer blunt weapons for taking prisoners.

D'Shar RaidersEdit

D'Shar Raiders are quite similar to Bandits, although they are always mounted. Fortunately, the area that they concentrate in between Nal Tar and Torbah is quite mountainous, which limits their mobility and makes them easy to kill (that and the fact that their equipment is far from exceptional). D'Shar Raiders make up the brunt of their forces, lead by D'Shar Outlaw Chieftains.


As you may guess, Singalian slavers tend dwell near Singal, although they may end up in the heart of the steppes or on the Sarleon or Empire borders. They field lethal Singalian Spearmen, their horse archer upgrade Singalian Horsemen, and the femme fatale Singalian Temptresses in larger bands. Despite their name, they do not seem to care as much as the Red Brotherhood about taking prisoners.

Burilgi the Usurper is essentially a Singalian, and fields many of their units.


Vanskerries are more or less glorified bandits, akin to Native's sea raiders. More information about them can be found on their page.