The city of Avendor is situated in the north-west of the Kingdom of Sarleon. It is originally the seat of power of Duke Brennus. The city lies near the edge of Sarleon territory, on the south-western shore of the inland sea, with a small range of hills to the south-west and the lands of The Fierdsvain to the west.

It's only village is Amere.


Avendor seen from the top.

Avendor has around a 30% chance of holding a Order of the Ebony Gauntlet chapter and a 10% chance of hosting the Order of the Raven Spear.


The main exports of Avendor (as the townsfolk will tell you) are Bread, Smoked Fish, Ale, Leatherworks, Tools, Wool Cloth, Pottery and Oil.

Surrounding LandsEdit

The city itself comes with no added fiefs, though there are a handful of villages surrounding Avendor: Foxstead just to the south-east, Branburg to the south-west, Ibiran just to the east and Avayburg just to the north-east of the city.

There is little in the way of defence around the city with the exception of the sea to the north and a small hill range to the south-west. There is only one castle close to the city, Mistmire Castle, situated on a plateau just to the north of the Avendor. The land to the south is relatively wide open between Avendor and Sarleon.


The Guildmaster of Avendor is Squire Loren. He can be found just outside the castle in the city. To find him go through the city gates and cross the square in front of you. Pass through the two sets of archways on the opposite side of the square and you will find yourself in a small courtyard in front of the castle. Squire Loren is on a sheltered platform to the right hand side.

 Chest Edit

The chest held inside can be claimed if you capture and get for yourself this city. It contains Heraldic Platemail Harness.


Avendor Arena

Avendor Arena.

Tournaments in Avendor are almost entirely dominated by melee combat, though a few combatants may recieve ranged weaponry, allowing for a more diverse and, perhaps, challenging experience. All combatants are armed with any of the following: One Handed Swords, Two Handed Swords, Lances, Shields, Bows, Clubs, Axes and (the lucky few) Horses. Some combatants will recieve horses and some will not, though as always its probably in your best interests to gain a horse at the first opportunity to increase your chances of surviving, even more so if you recieved only a Bow at the beginning of the round. Any combatant who begins a round with only a ranged weapon may find surviving to be a daunting task indeed, especially when faced with mounted lancers and those with shields. Therefore your main targets should always be other archers and those with Two Handed Swords in order to ensure a place in the next stages of the tournament. Taking the melee weapons from fallen combatants will improve your chances of victory greatly, as well as allowing you great versatility in your fighting style. Overall a tournament that can provide a challenge even for the most experienced fighters, though you should achieve victory if you remember to take full advantage of the varied armaments to be found in the arena, and also to use shields to maximum effect to protect yourself from ranged attacks.


Besieging Avendor successfully is a challenging task
Avendor Siege - Attacker

View of the walls from an attackers point of view.

indeed. Not only will it have a large garrison due to its high ranking ruler, the battlefield terrain itself is not favourable to the attacker. Defenders will have a far easier time here, despite there being little advantageous about the the wall. Any attacking force should expect heavy casualties from the beginning of the assualt. The ground upon which the attacking army begins is completely wide open with no terrain advantages or arrow shields to provide cover from enemy ranged troops. The siege
Avendor Siege - Attacker 2

The wooden shelter on the walltop.

engine in this battle is a siege tower and not a ladder, and thus your troops must simply absorb as much of the enemy ranged attacks as possible while the tower is moved to the wall, furthering your losses. The battle may begin to turn in the attackers favour when the tower reaches the wall as:
  1. Towers allow more troops to scale the wall at one time.
  2. The walls themselves do not protrude very far at any point (no real towers), insuring that the attackers cannot successfully attack the vulnerable flanks of your units while they scale the tower.

Defenders may also take advantage of the wooden shelter on the right of the wall, which will provide strong cover for their ranged units and minimize casualties that the defender will suffer.

Overall a moderateley easy city to defend, difficult to attack. Come prepared with a large force with heavy armour and many shields, and prepare to take considerable casualties.

Avendor Siege - Defender

A view along the walltop from the right hand side.

Avendor Siege - Defender 2

View from the breach.

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