"Bah! Noldor Dralerion vae savensir luith Drae! Begone outlander!" - Aeldarian

Lord Aeldarian of the Noldor is the more intolerant and hateful of the Noldor warlords, despising all mankind on Pendor; he is rumored to laugh in glee when one Pendorian faction declares war against another, and hopes that they will all destroy each other.


One example of his gear, the other being with different horse or with shield.

Note: His unique weapon is Duskfall, one of the best bows in the game, having a 40 piercing damage but requiring a power draw skill of 7. This makes him the only noldor troop not wearing the Noldor Composite bow (which even Ithilrandir has). This weapon is extremely rare to be found upon the loot when defeating him, but it can occur, making the player hold the strongest bow, even surpassing the Heritage Daja Bow.


Options available when captured.

Noldor Spirit Horse

He is supposed to be wearing a Noldor enchanted shield to cover his back, as his only other weapon is a Saphire Rune Two Handed Sword, which means he can't use his shield, but sometimes, he trades the shield for an extra pack of Noldor Arrows, making him able to shoot for longer.

The armour makes him be around 60-70 in head, body and leg armour, also being equipped with a noldor horse, often being the Noldor Spirit horse.

Aeldarian is a Unique Spawn that can be captured. This is a double feature capture, as shown in the picture, first being he has an extra option, which gives the player the knowledge of adding the elite Noldor gear to your Custom KHO in exchange of his freedom. This will add to the Custom KHO:

  • Noldor Ancient Plate
  • Noldor Rune Armor
  • Noldor Noble Shield
  • Noldor Enchanted Shield
  • Noldor Goldleaf Warhorse
  • Noldor Spirit Horse

The other feature is telling him to return to his homeland and never return. While this does not make sense (as his home is Pendor) he will not return. In exchange, you will receive his unique weapon, Duskfall (always with no weapon modifier), as well as 5 renown, honor and 10 relation points with the Noldor (yes, surprisingly it gives positive relations with the Noldor).

His army generally numbers 300-450 Noldors, and consists of the following:

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