"A Lord hired an Adventuring Company to escort his wife to Sarleon, and the bastards kidnapped her and demanded a hefty ransom from him. He is positively apoplectic over the affair." – Red Brotherhood Agent.

Introduction Edit

In the dangerous world of Pendor, you aren't the only person looking for fame and fortune. Comprised of the powerful hero and heroine adventurers, they lead small bands of mercenaries around Pendor, attacking just about anything for loot, denars and possibly fame. They are at odds with the player at the beginning, possibly viewing he/she as a competitor, and will always attempt to take the player out if he/she is weaker.

Troops Edit

The troops they use are from 3 of the Mercenary Troop Trees ; the noble, the mercenaries and the maiden, as well as the Blackheart troops.

Spawns Edit

They are the minor faction with the most army spawns, with a total 7 (written below in order; 2 warbands, 1 generic army, 1 mercenary company and 3 Unique Spawns):

Female Adventuring Company

Adventuring Company

Mercenary Company

These can spawn as an independent army or they can be hired as a Mercenary Company by King Ulric, King Gregory IV and Marius Imperator.

The Free Company is one Mercenary Company the player can hire, as well as one of the few companies that can be hired by all the other 5 monarchs.

And finally, the 3 unique spawns, all being relatively small and not hard to take down:

Trivia Edit

Any one of the Adventuring Company captains would sell off his own old mother if thought he could get a few denars for her.

Most of the Adventure Companies will honor their given words, so long as they get paid on time for their jobs.

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