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Campaign Achievements Edit

Competent Aide (20 Renown) Complete 30 quests
Rogue King (+1 Leadership) Declare a sovereign kingdom
Master Builder (+1 Engineering) Build 30 Improvements
Great Persuader (+1 Persuasion) Convert 30 lords to your kingdom
Order Grandmaster (+1 Persuasion) Become leader of a knighthood order
Defender Of Pendor (+1 Intelligence) Defeat 7 Invading Armies**
Guardian Of Pendor (+2 Intelligence) Defeat 15 Invading Armies**
Hero of Pendor (+1 Charisma) Have over 5000 renown
Lion of Pendor (+2 Charisma) Have over 7500 renown
Chevalier of Pendor (+1 Charisma) Have over 500 Honour
Masterful Warrior (+1 Trainer) Kill or Wound 5000 enemies
Legendary Warrior (+2 Trainer) Kill or Wound 10000 enemies
Cult Banisher (+1 Ironflesh) Defeat a Snake Cult Army
Scourge of Jatu (+1 Riding) Defeat a Jatu Army
Bane of Vejovis (+1 Agility) Defeat a Mystmountain Army
Purger of Heresy (+1 Strength) Defeat a Heretic Army

Battle Achievements Edit

Deathbringer (20 Renown) Get 50+ kills in one battle
Arena Survivor (200 Renown) Win 25 Tournaments
Arena Master (+1 Weapon Master) Win 50 Tournaments
Battle Master (+1 Tactics) Win 250 Battles
Great General (+2 Tactics) Win 500 Battles

Negative Achievements Edit

Caravan Marauder (-1 Charisma) Raid 30 Caravans
Village Plunderer (-1 Charisma) Raid 20 Villages
Epitome of Ineptitude (-10 Renown) Fail 10 Quests
Slippery Fellow (-1 Tactics) Get captured 10 times
You can no longer get any other achievements nor win the game (-20 Honour) Cheat in 3 separate battles *

This means you still can cheat campaign without getting this 'achievement'. It should be noted that while you can still get the above achievements, you won't receive the bonuses they would otherwise provide.*

Some armies like Vanskerries do not count to this value.**

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