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Prophesy of Pendor offers a feature called achievements. These will automatically trigger and pop up on the user screen when obtained, giving the player a reward. Each achievement can be only triggered once per game.

Campaign Achievements Edit

Achievement How to obtain Reward
Competent Aide Complete 30 quests (+20 Renown)
Master Builder Build 30 Improvements (+1 Engineering)
Order Grandmaster Become leader of a knighthood order (+1 Persuasion)
Defender Of Pendor Defeat 7 Invading Armies** (+1 Intelligence)
Guardian Of Pendor Defeat 15 Invading Armies** (+2 Intelligence)
Chevalier of Pendor Have over 500 Honour (+1 Charisma)
Great Persuader Convert 30 lords to your kingdom (+1 Persuasion)
Masterful Warrior Kill or Wound 5000 enemies (+1 Trainer)
Legendary Warrior Kill or Wound 10000 enemies (+2 Trainer)
Hero of Pendor Have over 5000 renown (+1 Charisma)
Lion of Pendor Have over 7500 renown (+2 Charisma)
Rogue King Declare a sovereign kingdom (+1 Leadership)
Cult Banisher Defeat a Snake Cult Army (+1 Ironflesh)
Scourge of Jatu Defeat a Jatu Army (+1 Riding)
Bane of Vejovis Defeat a Mystmountain Army (+1 Agility)
Purger of Heresy Defeat a Heretic Army (+1 Strength)

Battle Achievements Edit

Achievement How to obtain Reward
Deathbringer Get at least 50 kills in one battle (+20 Renown)
Arena Survivor Win 25 Tournaments (+100 Renown)
Arena Master Win 50 Tournaments (+1 Weapon Master)
Battle Master Win 250 Battles (+1 Tactics)
Great General Win 500 Battles (+2 Tactics)

Negative Achievements Edit

"Achievement" How to obtain Penalty
Caravan Marauder Raid 30 Caravans (-1 Charisma)
Village Plunderer Raid 20 Villages (-1 Charisma)
Epitome of Ineptitude Fail 10 Quests (-10 Renown)
Slippery Fellow Get captured 10 times (-1 Tactics)
Cheater Cheat in 3 separate battles You can no longer receive rewards from achievements*

This means you still can cheat campaign without getting this 'achievement'. It should be noted that while you can still get the above achievements, you won't receive the bonuses they would otherwise provide.

Some armies like Vanskerries do not count to this value.

Cheats Edit

To use cheats, you must configure your game to allow cheats: After opening up the game launcher, before you click Play Mount&Blade, go to Configure. From there, go to the Game tab and check the box next to Enable Cheats.

However, it must be noted that playing with Cheats enabled will stop you from receiving Steam and PoP Achievements. If cheats are used, you may disable them again at any time to re-enable Steam achievements since they are only disabled for the sessions in which they are used, but Prophesy of Pendor will deactivate that save game achievements forever if the player uses Battle Cheats more than twice.

IMPORTANT: The cheat in bold will trigger the Cheater achievement warning, the third one will deactivate the rest of the achievement bonuses. Take in mind that after you use a bold cheat in a battle, you can use it any times you want, resulting still in one warning.

Battle Cheats Edit

Hotkey Effect
Ctrl+H Heals your character.
Ctrl+Shift+H Refills your horse's health.
Ctrl+F4 Delivers blunt damage to a random enemy (doesn't hurt horses).
Ctrl+alt+F4 Delivers blunt damage to all enemies.
Ctrl+F6 Delivers blunt damage to a random ally.
Ctrl+Shift+F6 Delivers blunt damage to all allies.
Ctrl+F5 AI takes control of the player character. You can command yourself with the party command keys.
Ctrl+F3 Delivers blunt damage to the player character.
Ctrl+F9 Toggles slow motion. Type again to revert it.
Ctrl+F11 Freezes time. Type again to revert it.

Non-Battle Cheats Edit

Hotkey Effect
Ctrl+X** Gives you 1000 experience points while on the stats screen. Works also in companions and troops, but doesn't really work as intended on troops.
Ctrl+X Gives a selected soldier experience points while on the party screen (select him in party screen, then press Ctrl+X). This is the correct way (still cheating though) to upgrade your soldiers, not the previous Ctrl+X nor Ctrl+L).
Ctrl+X Gives 1000 denars while on the inventory screen.
Ctrl+W Gives you 10 points to each Weapon Proficiency while on the character screen.
Ctrl+Left Click Teleports the party to the cursor (when on the map screen).
Ctrl+T Lets you see all parties and tracks on the map screen.
Ctrl+L** Automatic level up, usable on the stats screen. Warning: Do not level past 62. Works also in companions and troops, but doesn't really work as intended on troops.

Warning: When going from level 62 to 63, the game overflows the level, instantly bumping you up by around 2000 levels. This may seem awesome at first, though quests that scale with your level will become impossible to complete as there will be thousands of enemies. Every hostile party will also run from you, no matter the difference in numbers. It also causes the game to crash frequently, even on higher-end systems.

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