Basic information:

  • A new unique and challenging map.
  • 5 Playable factions with extended troop trees for each (15-19 per tree).
  • A unique troop tree reserved for the player. Advanced troop types.
  • Enhanced Troops, Interesting and creative cultures, KHOs, conflicts, armies and NPCs
  • Expanded Armor, Weapons and Mounts (250+)
  • There are “Enchanted” weapons and armor: if you can find them. Updated Companions modified for Pendor.
  • New features including rumors etc.
  • Formations enabled for troops.
  • Period Music.
  • Expanded new banners.
  • There are more foes to fight, and much more challenging that in “native”.
  • High replay value.
  • Not a module for the inexperienced player.
  • Mature content warning. Some crude language, mature subject matter, mature themes.

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