Officially they announced (reference:, the second spoiler hides some of the new armours, cool to see). Features explained below this:

  • New scenes (Rane, Poinsbrook, Sarleon) (credit to Bowman's OSP, the modifications I've made to them are very minor)
  • Qualis Gem chest hidden in new Rane scene
  • Gold bar in hidden chest in Poinsbrook
  • Ai defenders and defending player gets ammo refill on sieges
  • Updated UllrVetr's bow, fixed exploit to upgrade the bow and thus not have it confiscated
  • Stability Update
  • Updated many armor sets (still growing)
  • Mystmountain bandit faction recolored (player needs ability to differentiate between outlaws and tribes when building relations)
  • Fixed CKO Sergeants being unrecruitable from prisoner stacks
  • Fixed Oswald De Fleur barefoot in castle
  • Edited map slightly to accommodate –REDACTED-   location, also moved the map borders outward to make the skybox harder to find.
  • Texture optimization & mipmaps

     - Create LODs

  • Corrected Wolfbode head
  • Sorted Brfs
  • Refine existing Ashenborn stuff (will be discussed at a later blog)
  • Redo banners (higher res, reworked for factions): 133/133
  • New Qualis/chest/goldbar mesh/texture
  • New book meshes and textures to reflect their titles
  • Optimize sounds (separate what is OGG and what is FLAC)
  • correct BRF errors
  • FantasyWarrior & Hootman's horizon backgrounds and borders --- uncertain
  • Improve "meeting" scene
  • Simplified main menu
  • Change details in character screen
  • Review map topography/water
  • Up inventory size at the end of battles (to allow auto equip even after huge battles) --- uncertain
  • Review killcount's aspect / modified the look of the counter
  • More blood
  • New menu images implemented in the code (92/92)

Big tested features, already implemented totally or partially Edit

  1. Troop tree (feature collected from Viking Conquest, same style) (includes minor factions too)
  2. Troop stats and items (the more an item appears, the more chance they'll have it over the rest). EDIT: Now 1 and 2 are semi-merged, check 2.1
  3. World Map with villages, castles and towns and kingdoms shown. The map will be changed upon captures
  4. Double hand weapons will feel more realistic being hold on the shoulder when not fighting.
  5. Simpler menu (erased the non-used options)
  6. 21 New banners (lords will have the banners of the color of their kingdom, Ravenstern blue, Fierdsvain green, Baccus yellow, Sarleon red and D'Shar light brown)
  7. Special troops (such as Marleons Heavy Cavalry) will show off the banner of Sarleon
  8. Castles and some towns have been updated visually
  9. Books have all been updated (many even show up the book name on the portrait
  10. Prophesy of Pendor 2 new KHO, both coming from an old empire called "The Ashenborn Empire," which are supported by the Radiant Cross, these will be named Phoenix Knights (left) and Shadow Wolves (right).
- Big rework coming on the D'Shar, the needed nerf.

1 Ravenstern troop tree.
Baccus troop tree.
2 Stats of troop (shown when on

troop tree you click on a troop)

Fierdsvain Bowman
Item sets of troop (if repeated,

higher chance of having in battle)

Fierdsvain Berseker-0
2.1 New look!
3 World Map (Big squares are

towns, mid ones castles and

small villages. It also shows which

villages are covered by which

castle / town)

World Map
World map just after conquering a

castle and declaring the Kingdom

of Pendor (updates automatically)

World Map2
4 Showing how it is seen now
5 New main menu
6 Some of the flags, for all of them 4

screenshots are needed, so didn't

feel it was worth it as some are not

yet finished.

These are the 21 new flags.
7 This cavalry of Marleons have a

banner on their red horse

Which happens to be the new

banner on the new city of Marleons

8 New design on some castles
9 These are all the new visuals
This is how they'll be seen ingame
10 Phoenix Knights and Shadow Wolves,

the new KHOs coming, only weapons

may vary.

Ashenborn Empire


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